What is the electoral college essay

The various states have different numbers of representatives. With more cons then pros, the Electoral College should not be the method to choose the president.

These more populous states may always carry the vote while the less populous states would have little or no say at all on the ruling of the country. C and six other states have three electors each.

When the Electoral College was formed, the majority of society was uneducated. Founders of the Electoral College had genuine reasons at heart when arranging the college over the popular vote, because, when travel was hard, and party organizations were not present, there was the threat of many regional candidates dividing the vote.

This was a big mistake for the Electoral College, and only one of many. This is a very important activity, and that is why the US should retain the Electoral College.

Essay on The Electoral College

In my frustrated attempt of Janusian thinking I come to a justified conclusion: Having a chosen committee to choose the president efficient but many rules in the electoral institution need revising which outweigh the pros. Every state has many presidential electors, and as many as the representatives in both houses and congress.

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The Electoral College Is Right For The United States

This is not the case because of the human nature to abuse power. Today - experienced essay writing service. The Electoral College will continue raising eyebrows in the United States because some people get confused how a loser in a declared national popular vote, may win the presidency in the college.

Other states may adopt this ideology and subsequently split. These states are just as misrepresented as well as smaller states because of the concept of winner-take-all with each state.

Those who are for the college agree that the process keeps the white house safe from bias. Some states are also more influential than others which can also lead to one sided elections.

Basing on the different number of representatives each state has some states might feel they are capable of managing on their own. The founders aimed at equalizing power dominance to avoid the country to run on a unitary system, favoring a federal basis, because federalism is the fair way to run a very large and complex place like the United States.

The people were also misrepresented in, and California has the largest number of electors, There have been several elections in which the Electoral College chose the candidate with the minority of the popular vote.

In addition, the Electoral College prevents the accumulation of geographical power, forces national candidates to hold campaigns across the country, and stresses the importance of the minority voters.

Some say that powerful elitists choose the president that best benefit their desires and that they should not choose the president. This Electoral College has helped the United States in various aspects.Nov 10,  · Watch video · The Troubling Reason the Electoral College Exists.

By Akhil Reed Amar. Updated: November 10, PM ET | Originally published: November 8, This essay borrows from his recently.

Jan 24,  · The electoral college keeps the election safe from a public bias when compared to the desire of a popular vote driven election. Some say that powerful elitists choose the president that best benefit their desires and. The Electoral College Should Be Revised Essay - The Electoral College Should Be Revised As citizens of the United State of America, one of our most important rights is that of which to vote.

By voting, the general population has a say in who its leaders are. This custom written essay example explains what Electoral College is, how it was created and how functions during the presidential elections.

Samantha Heder. April 2. nd. POLS- Persuasive Essay- Electoral College. What should be done with the Electoral College—keep it, reform it, or replace it with.

Johnny Iacobucci Electoral College Essay Civics The electoral college is the current system of voting used in the United States of America to elect the president.

A body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the .

What is the electoral college essay
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