University of st. gallen master thesis

The second meeting should take place not later than six months after you have started with your thesis.

Bachelor and Master Theses

More information on the award can be found here. During the kick-off meeting, you will discuss and focus your topic together with Prof. For the spring semester, applications will open mid-January until the end of February and for the fall semester, from mid-august until the end of September.

Business ethics initiatives and players in Switzerland. Colina Frisch Switzerland - land of ethics? We do not accept applications with self-developed topics.

Rudolph and your assigned co-supervisor. You will still have to officially register your topic at the student administration.

We recommend all applicants to have at least taken one course offered by the Institute of Retail Management.

Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. thesis

Familiarize yourself with our application process and important information above. September 30, or until all topics assigned Kick-off meetings: Please bring the official application form and our publication permission to this meeting. Thomas Beschorner Business ethics in French pragmatism.

We will supervise about 15 theses every semester. Finish and hand in your thesis. Please feel free to contact us via e-mail if you would like to receive additional information. Carefully chose a topic from our topic list that interests you.

After the first meeting with Prof. Familiarize yourself with the IRM information sheet. You will officially start your thesis after this meeting. There you will find a detailed description of the writing process and our requirements for excellent theses.

If you already have your own idea, please contact your preferred supervisor. Please consider the application deadlines see timing. We ask you to carefully study the list of topics on our website.

After a successful application, we invite you to concretize your topic together with Prof. Rudolph and a direct co-supervisor PhD-student during a 20min Kick-off meeting.

Gallen written on sustainability-related issues. Colina Frisch We would also like to draw your attention to the Philippe de Woot Award for outstanding master theses in the field of sustainability or corporate social responsibility.

Rudolph and your co-supervisor, start with your literature review. February 10, or until all topics assigned Kick-off meetings: Please pay attention to the specific regulations of the University of St. As soon as you have gained a good overview over the literature, you will start writing the disposition structurethe problem definition two pages and the approach one page of your thesis.

January 14, Application stop: October 02, Registration at the student administration: Christoph Schank Organisational ethics practice and implementation of responsibility in non-profit organisations such as NGOs, scientific institutions, political organisations, sports clubs, media, labor unions, etc.

September 03, Application stop: We therefore ask you to block at least two of those time slots. Exceptions may be made for students with prior working experience in retailing.

Bachelor's and Master's Thesis

If you do not already have a clear research question in mind, maybe one of the following topics might be of interest to you:We supervise a number of Bachelor and Master theses directly related to our four main research fields.

Available topics are listed in the "Thesis pool" of KMU-HSG, our. The University of Library offers courses to help you research field-relevant information for your Master's thesis. Institutes; ACA-HSG Institute of Accounting, Control and Auditing; FGN-HSG Institute of Economics; FIM-HSG Research Institute for International Management; FIR-HSG Forschungsstelle für Informationsrecht; FWR-HSG Forschungsstelle für Wirtschaftsgeographie und Raumordnungspolitik; Institut für Führung und Personalmanagement.

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to the oikos Sustainability Thesis Award for outstanding master theses at the University of written on sustainability-related issues. More information on the award can be found here. Important: for a successful thesis we strongly recommend the attendance of at least one of our courses.

University of St.

Topics for your BA or MA thesis

Gallen. Graduate School of Business, Economics, Law and Social Sciences (HSG) part of a larger project with two other Master heses currently being written by University t of St.

Gallen students, with a focus on industry and government level respectively. This Master’s thesis is organised as follows.

The thesis has to have a length of about 50 text pages without the list of sources and the appendix. Examples of master theses. Please find below a selection of the best master theses of / Topic: Cause and effect of the TARGET2 balances.

A risk-based analysis of the TARGET2 balances, their roots, and their impact on the capital market.

University of st. gallen master thesis
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