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Do all of these areas of equity and trusts law make full and complete sense to you? Arguably, in this case, Oliver J was not satisfied with the fact that customers had no legal title for the wine so there should be a trust in their favour.

In conclusion, for a trust to be valid, the subject matter needs to be identified. Traditionally, when determining whether any purpose was charitable within the fourth category, the courts would look to the Preamble of the Statute of Charitable Uses and previous cases, Trust law essays then decide whether there was either a precedent or analogy for the charitable status of the new purpose.

Charitable trusts are distinguishable from private trusts in many ways. The law looks for workability, which was present in the case. This could mean that a perfectly useful and worthy purpose might fail to be recognised as a charity simply because of a lack of existing Trust law essays, although in practice this is highly unlikely given the wealth of material and the extensive discretion which judges enjoy.

Lord Langdale identified the three requirements required to validly create an express trust in Knight v Knight. Are you confused by the three certainties test in Knight v Knight? This case in particular was very critical as it dealt with the issue of whether it is possible to make a valid declaration of trust over part of property which has not been ascertained, appropriated or otherwise specifically identified; in other words intangible property.

Yet, it is unclear whether trusts for religious purposes per se can be charitable if they are not otherwise for the advancement of religion 2.

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Are you fully compus mentus with regards to knowing receipt, knowing assistance, legatees, mutual wills, nominees, overreaching, overriding, perpetuities, Trust law essays, precatory trusts, probate, protective and quistclose trusts, settlors, succession, testators, trusteeship, equitable remedies, the equitable maxims, and the Vandervell legislation?

Medi Aid It is perfectly in order for a charitable trust to allow the trustees some discretion in the selection of charitable objects provided, of course, that the trustees Trust law essays required by the trust to exercise that discretion in favour of objects that are exclusively charitable.

Requirements for a valid trust By admin — Posted on November 14, A trust involves both a legal and an equitable title. When considering the fourth category of charity it is clear that the beneficial nature of the purpose needs to be positively established before its charitable status can be admitted.

As far as charities are concerned, it is not important that there is o human beneficiary capable of enforcing the trust because the Attorney General may take action in respect of all charitable trusts subject to certain aspects of the perpetuity rule and may be of unlimited duration.

This means that if it perfectly possible to establish a trust for the achievement of a purpose, provided that the purpose in law is regarded as charitable.

In relation to tangible property, when the products are homogenous, there must be segregation for the subject matter to be identified, as a right of property cannot exist in the air. He also suggests it is difficult to see why there should be a dividing line between intangible and tangible property, since there are some principles which apply to both so the distinction is thus spurious.

Each of these arguments will now be considered in turn. This was that the problem with segregation could be circumvented by treating the trust as having been declared in relation to a proportionate share of the trust fund. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Law work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours.

The certainty of objects head of the test has of course been covered looking at the difference between fixed trusts and discretionary trusts, Re Badens Deed Trusts, and Mcphail v Doulton as well as the complex area of the individual ascertainability test and the class ascertainability test which we have written numerous essays and dissertations on.

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In order to satisfy the certainty of subject matter, firstly, specific property must be identified, intended to be subject to the trust obligation.

This is because charity is regarded Trust law essays law as indivisible, irrespective of the actual group or body carrying out the purpose.

As a result, it was not held on trust. All equity essays and trusts essays and dissertations are also fully referenced including complete bibliography and are plagiarism software scanned. The point is that the class of persons who may benefit from the charitable purpose must not be narrowly restricted by definition; it matters not that only a small group of people actually enjoy the benefits of the charitable purpose so long as those benefits are available to the public should they come forward.

This is despite the fact that there is some doubt as to how we are to determine whether any given purpose is charitable within this fourth class. It is possible that this might be regarded as a trust for the relief of poverty, in that it is for those in inner city schools.

According to Russell LJ in Incorporated Council for Law Reporting in England and Wales v Attorney General, a court is entitled to assume that if a purpose is in itself beneficial to the community that it is also charitable in law.

Charitable Trusts Essay Charitable trusts Charitable trusts are valid purpose trusts. The first case where this problem arose was Sprange v Barnard. This is particularly important when considering the fourth category of charity referred to in Pemsel because not every purpose trust which confers a benefit to the community will be charitabledespite some suggestions to the contrary.

As a result, the courts held the trust invalid, as it was impossible to ascertain the trust property. The court established an intention to create a trust, but held that it failed on the ground of uncertainty of subject matter because of lack of any segregation or appropriation of the wine from the bulk until actual delivery of the wine to the purchaser.

The second question which must now be considered is whether or not a sufficient section of the public benefit from this charitable purpose.

Equity and Trusts — The Different Types of Trusts Law Essays UK writers have addressed the following topics with trusts essays within this area — the difference between express and implied trusts, charitable trusts, consequences of charitable status and cy pres, the Pemsel heads, secret trusts and half secret trusts, Quistclose trusts and their enforcement, resulting trusts and the presumption of advancement, constructive trusts both of express agreement and implied common intention, protective trusts and the difference between trusts and powers.

Dillon LJ held that the oral declaration of trust was valid, despite the absence of segregation of shares.

If not our equity and trusts law experts are ready to assist you on all equity and trusts law modules found on the LLB with any equity essays or trusts essays you may have.

On the basis of this personal nexus test it is likely that this charity will fail as it does not satisfy the requirements of public benefit as it is designed to benefit only those that have worked within the NHS. About this resource This Law essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies.Equity Law Essays.

The selection of equity law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work. An Express Trust Law Essays; Arm Chair Doctrine Interpretation Of Wills ; Awakening From China To Peru.

A trust involves both a legal and an equitable title. Lord Langdale identified the three requirements required to validly create Continue reading >Requirements for a valid trust. Property & Trusts Law Essays. The selection of property & trusts law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies.

Trust law is one of the areas of law used to regulate occupational pension schemes. Occupational pension funds are created by an employer with nominated trustees who pay out pensions to beneficiaries under the scheme, the employees. Law Essay - Charitable trusts are valid purpose trusts.

A Charitable trust is a trust for a purpose, but where the purpose is regarded as sufficiently beneficial to the community. Scott Pearce's Master Essay Method Wills & Trusts.

Scott Pearce’s Master Essay Method - Wills Approach D. Trust Purpose E. Mechanics of Creation 1. Need a Trustee 2. Need a Writing law. Scott Pearce's Master Essay Method – February – Trusts. Trusts – Outline of Issues.

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