The golden rule vs the platinum

Some things satisfy us, others Trigger us. Relaters are excellent listeners, devoted friends, and loyal employees.

Letters and Sermons of T. The obvious way is to ask them, but this cannot be done if one assumes they have not reached a particular and relevant understanding.

Try not to argue with their pie-in-the-sky visions; get excited about them. Sometimes the way people want to be treated is harmful to their health, or keeps them trapped in immaturity. The Platinum Rule accommodates the feelings of others.

Consider the implications of both rules. Their respective thinking doubtless was: Many business owners have some methodology for rewarding people who refer them business. They are fast-paced, task-oriented, and work quickly and impressively by themselves, which means they become annoyed with delays.

So he went straight out and bought a present: We all want happy relationships — and understanding each other is the key.

The Golden Rule Vs The Platinum Rule

Their relaxed disposition makes them approachable and warm. Supreme Court, in its landmark Roe v. A citizen detains the thief and starts to telephone the police, at which point the law-breaker says: If they are attacking me in their toxicity, I lovingly withdraw myself away from them, which means I am not feeding their negative behavior with any energy or attention, which is good for them as well as for me.

He reported this to the police, and the criminal was arrested.

A strong presence, stimulating and entertaining conversation, jokes, and liveliness will win them over. Socializers Socializers are friendly, enthusiastic "party-animals" who like to be where the action is.

Many people live by the principle of the silver rule: The golden rule is universal, applying to every segment of life. Directors are so focused that they forget to take the time to smell the roses. We have detailed the foregoing list of rationalizations because they illustrate a sterling example of silver-rule logic!

They are good planners, persistent workers, and good with follow-through. Relaters go along with others even when they do not agree because they do not want to rock the boat. They are the most people-oriented of the four styles.

The rule contains the presumption of some moral sensitivity. For more information on how PRINT could benefit yourself or your organisation, email hello discoveryourprint.

There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands, who from a weak constitution would formerly have succumbed to small-pox. They figure it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission.

Gold, Silver, and Iron: Three Rules of Human Conduct

Be organized and get to the point. His argument assumes that it is rational to be a masochist! Directors are goal-oriented go-getters who are most comfortable when they are in charge of people and situations.Platinum Rule or the Golden Rule or both!

The Golden Rule, Platinum Rule, and Titanium Rule — navigating the best way to treat others

You undoubtedly learned about the Golden Rule when you were little. While you might think that your mother made it up, the Golden Rule has been around for eons. Its origins are likely based in practical strategies for. Aug 04,  · The Platinum rule supersedes the golden rule because not everybody will respond to the golden rule, especially when we're negotiating with sellers.

Let's break down the platinum rule. The Platinum Rule is widely considered to be a more sensitive version of The Golden Rule. Simply stated, it tells us to “Treat others as they wish to be treated.”.

The Golden Rule has been criticised for a number of reasons, to include the possibility of differing preferences, situations where there is a significant power disparity between actors (e.g., a judge and a prisoner being judged), and the need to apply the Golden Rule along with other ethical action guides.

The Platinum Rule – Works for Them, and Works for You The difference between The Golden Rule and The Platinum Rule is that when we apply the latter, we are focusing on what the other person likes or wants - rather than what we prefer or like.

The Golden Rule vs.

Golden Rule

The Platinum Rule Perspectives, expectations, and experiences of different people about the golden rule and the platinum rule changed my own way of thinking.

The golden rule vs the platinum
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