Review of related studies for clinic management system

These studies help give the developers of the system ideas on how to deal with problems and on how to improve the proposed system. It maintains two levels of users: However, health care planning has often been evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

From the interview carried out, the previous system has cause problems to the user. In some countries, the health care system has evolved and has not been planned, whereas in others a concerted effort has been made by governments, trade unions, charities, religious, or other co-ordinate bodies to deliver planned health care services targeted to the populations they serve.

The assistant assist the student by key in the data into the system. We all know that modern clinics are now operating at great pace striving to serve as many patients as possible with the best of their abilities.

And we all know that as the number of patients continually increase, managing a clinic can also become increasingly difficult, especially if everything is done manually.

They could add more staff to keep up with the additional patient flow; maintain the status quo; or automate the health center. The Software is for the automation of Hospital Management. The patient gets the treatment and data about the treatment is recorded into the system.

It includes medicine registration, generate report and register new disease and category. Improve productivity; Enhance the level of patient care; and provide timely and accurate reporting to Spelman administration.

The clinic stop using the system and choosing manual is the best way to overcome the problem exists. Driving the decision was an increase in patient traffic and the need to produce more sophisticated, robust reports.

The system manages the activities in the clinic. Administrator Level and User Level The system includes: BMI will calculate either weight or height for a person is suitable or not. The Spelman team chose to automate, and began a search for a practice management solution that could help them achieve the following goals: Particularly in most medical clinic facilities, daily clinic transactions are still done on paper.

The system is enhanced from the previous system that has been using in the clinic. This is extra function in the system and the user will find it useful and benefit. The system has few modules such as patient registration, medicine registration, disease registration and treatment history, patient record search, appointment and reporting.

A medical clinic is primarily devoted to the diagnosis and care of patients.

Clinic Management System

Dalton and her colleagues had three options. There are a wide variety of health care systems around the world. Basically, patients spend a substantial amount of time in clinics waiting for services to be delivered by the doctor or health professional.

The system has extra features that will display the information regarding BMI body mass index. Now more than ever, people have become more health conscious and are taking necessary steps to ensure that they have a sound body and mind — that is why everyday many people come to clinics or health facility for check-ups and treatments.

Based on the previous system, the patient who comes to the clinic for the first time is registered via the system.MySQL database management system, Apache server, PHP scripting language embaded in HTML were used for design.

Related Studies The review of related studies is an essential part of any investigation. The survey of the related studies is a crucial aspect of the planning of the study. This study was carried out to design and introduce the use of an automated clinic record management system and has chosen Ahmadu Bello University Sick-bay as the case study for the first implementation with the aim of improving their services Introduction This chapter review some related literature in the area of the study, from which the.

Review Of Related Studies For Clinic Management System. REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE The review of related literature features articles and journals related to the proposed system – computerized Clinic Management System. A Review of Literature Tricia L.

Erstad, MSN, RN ABSTRACT A wide-ranging literature review of computer-based patient record (CPR) implementation over the past decade reveals that clinical, workflow, administrative, and revenue enhancement cited similar studies related to improved compliance with clinical guidelines.

Third, CPR tools. In clinic management system, a lot of information they will need to store and use them in daily process.

These data related to doctors, patients and medicines. Imagine all these data written in different files and papers. Chapter II Review of Related Literature This chapter contains the foreign and local studies related to the system. Local Related Studies 1. Clinical Information Management for Divine’s Clinic Malolos City “Our Journey towards the implementation of a Clinical information system to the Critical.

Review of related studies for clinic management system
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