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Therefore the analysis and research of Tom shows that business opportunity for Rainbow is there in food retailing business. The country analysis will help Rainbow to focus on how to enter and position their brands in the South African Market. The staff Augmented companies for supplying the labor, transportation companies, technology and software designers, advertisement companies, real estate companies, and etc should be there for supporting Rainbow to grow the business at South African Market.

A proper framed marketing plan will help Tom to describe the present situation of market to the management Porters national diamond essay writer. There are six factors which Tom has used to access to gain awareness and knowledge about South African Market.

It requires reinvestment approach and can become the part of the sustainability for creating a competitive edge. It was segmented on the basic of demographic, environmental, psychological, and other aspects. Related and the Supporting industries According to Tom, he explains that it is an important aspect and Rainbow need to analyze it because it is related with the vendors or the business partners of Rainbow.

The reason why Rainbow wanted to enter this new market was because home cooked food was losing its importance. It never signifies that African should also do the same with the white raced people.

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The product should be designed and launched in the market by understanding the customs, traditions and rituals of the South Africans. As per this model Michael E. Still at some parts of South Africa there is discrimination on the basis of age, sex, gender, race and etc.

The foreign Direct Investment mode of entry is considered to the best one while entering into South African Market. Certain entry strategies could be made mandatory such as in form of Foreign Direct Investment, Collaboration, Franchise mode, mergers and Acquisitions. Contemporary Management Issues In this paragraph Tom will be explaining the issues related to the present food retailing industries.

Eating meat is a ritual that signifies the culture of South Africans. Introduction Rainbow is a food retail Industry which was founded inand is headquartered at U.

The final point was related to short term versus long term objective which will highlight the goals of the individuals and organizations. It will be related with cultural issues that needs to be managed in a strategic manner. The other factor is related to the masculinity versus feminity where the discrimination can be balanced by nurturing both the genders.

Tom has also identified that to operate business in South African market was competitive but it would provide ample of opportunities to grow because it is a developing country and people are increasing their standard of living and are shifting to the fast food trends.

The discrimination in terms of Age sex, race, gender and language should not be there. It needs to do the analysis of the competitors suppliers, customers, analyze the brand and the product differentiation.

In South African market the basic factors included about the unskilled labor over there, raw materials such as agricultural products, the hot weather over there, and the availability of the water resources.

The crucial driver to run the business is the competitors who are well established in the market. It has been explained that Individual versus Collectivist where individual becomes more independent and collectivist focus more on the cooperation. The second point is related to management of these issues by Rainbow while entering into South African Market.

The environment should not be polluted by producing the several types of pollution. The customers in South Australia have been showing their demands to these types of Fast food Industries.

These outlets have become the choice of all age group of customers and products like drink shakes and muffins have been delivered to the customer table within few minutes. As fooding habits the local citizens of Africa prefer to eat meat, mutton, chicken, and beef.

Tom states that planning at early level will help to innovate on timely basis before the competitors which will generate lots of opportunities for Rainbow.Porter’s National Diamond Analysis.

You are employed by a multinational company with headquarters in the UK. The company has a diverse set of products and services offered around the world. Recently the top management of. your company suggested further expansion of its international operations to South Africa.

The present paper discusses the competitive advantage of India for FDI in retail sector with the help of National Diamond Model suggested by Michael Porter () for competitive advantage of nation.

Porters National Diamond Model.

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In this project Report Tom has used the Porters National Diamond model to do the country basis analysis of South Africa. As per this model Michael E. Porter has been stating that a nation can built up with the help of certain factors like advanced technology, government support, to create a national competitive.

This model of determining factors of national advantage has become known as Porters Diamond framework. Four attributes of a nation comprise Porter’s “Diamond” of national advantage.

They are: factor conditions, demand conditions, related and supporting industries, and domestic rivalry. Aug 03,  · Buy Essay Online: Porters Diamond of National Competitive Advantage complete a country analysis for CHINA and ISRAEL using Porters Diamond Theory of National Advantage See below for details.

You may use external research information to complete this assignment. Professional Writers with Master and PhD degrees. Use Porter’s National Diamond to evaluate the relative main advantages and disadvantages of vertical integration versus outsourcing for the company.

Support your response. Use the Boston Consulting Group’s growth-share matrix to evaluate the company’s strategic position as of

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