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The deep staining regions are known as heterochrpmatin, while the light staining regions as chromatin the maximum condensation occurs Nucleus essay the metaphase, such that the chromosome is visible under a low resolution microscope. Depending upon its position nucleolar chromatin is Nucleus essay two types— perinucleolar and intra-nucleolar.

The satellite and the secondary constriction are constant in shape and size for each particular chromosome. In this essay we will discuss about: The outer membrane is often connected to endoplasmic reticulum. In such cases you can take the help of professional writers for your paper.

The centromere is situated at one end, such Nucleus essay one arm is negligibly small. All variations are caused by changes in genetic material present in the nucleus. Nucleus is an integral part of the eukaryotic cell. Nucleus is the largest cell organelle. All the four types of chromosomes are depicted in the Chromosomes have bead-like structures of chromatin material, constant in their position and extent, called nucleosomes.

The two membranes are separated from each other by aperinuclear space. The morphology of the chromosomes can be best studied during the metaphase, which is the period of its maximum condenstion.

This DNA also organises the nucleous during the cell division. Nuclear pores interrupt the nuclear envelope. Biochemical Analysis of Nucleus: Nuclear envelope contains a large number of pores or perforations Fig. They, however, possess nuclei during early stages of their development.

Ribosomes are formed in nucleolus part of the nucleus. During the resting stage interphase of the cell, the chromosomes are uncoiled into a mass of loose thread-like, light staining stiuctures called chromatin the nucleolus is produced from and is associated with a specific nucleolar organising region on a chromnosome.

Strasburger observed thread like structures during cell division. Chromatin occurs in the form of fine overlapping and coiled fibres which appear to produce a network called chromatin reticulum.


These folded bead-like structures are known as nucleosomes. The nuclei are generally rounded in outline. A covering membrane is absent around nucleolus. This writing should analyze some disadvantages of using nuclear energy.

The hypothalamus also has a fornix, which begins in the hippocampus and ends in the mammillary bodies. In the hypothalamus there is a paraventricular nucleus, which contain large neurons that send axons to the posterior pituitary.Nucleus is the dominant organelle controlling all the activities of the eukaryotic cell.

Schneider and Schwann ( & ) believed that the nucleus had a central role. Cell and Plant Cells Essay. Plant Cell There are two classes of cells that exist in biology today, there are prokaryotic cells and there are eukaryotic cells.

A prokaryotic cell is a cell that has no nucleus which consists of bacteria; a eukaryotic cell is a cell that has a nucleus. Essay # 7. Functions of Nucleus: Nucleus is an essential and integral part of the eukaryote cell. It stores genetic information in its DNA molecules which can be passed on to daughter cells.

It also controls cellular activities. i. Chromatin: Nucleus contains hereditary material called chromatin.

Chromatin is DNA-. In this essay will be focusing on the organelle nucleus. Nucleus is the most important organelle in the cell. It appears in an oval shape as shown above and averages 5µm in width. It often lies in the centre of a cell.

Essay on Nucleus: Structure, Position and Functions

The nucleus possess nuclear envelope, nuclear pores, nucleoplasm, nucleolus and chromosomes. Essay about The Chemistry Times: Why I Want to Study It - To me, chemistry is an ever evolving field, like making a strand of nylon, it is always expanding.

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Chemistry is advancing at an inconceivable speed, with discoveries varying enormously from the structure of an atom to the synthesis of aspirin.

The prominent spherical structure present within a living cell is the nucleus, which is controlling center of the cell.

A typical eukaryotic nucleus is separated from cytoplasm by nuclear membrane.

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It is a double membrane structure possessing complicated nuclear pores, which provides direct connection between neucleus and cytoplasm.

Nucleus essay
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