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Every day I regained my strength in who I was through confidence in my achievement of high grades and the relationships I began to build with other driven, successful peers. I would appreciate nothing more than to provide for my family straight out of college.

I am excited to be an applicant for the scholarships offered by the Students of Engineering Services. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.

Outside of my children, I have decided that my education is what is most important at this time. While nothing will stop me in accomplishing my goals, being awarded a scholarship will not only help me presently but also help prevent me from having high loan balances after graduation.

I am currently unsure of where our future is going to take us, but I fully intend on offering my education and learned skills to the nuclear engineering workforce, wherever that may be.

I would love to eventually work with and do research involving the Z-machine. Hello, my name is Jamison Lyn Hodges and I am currently enrolled as an undergraduate student in the department of Nuclear Engineering.

I truly believe clean-air, nuclear energy is the way of the future and I want every opportunity to participate in saving our environment. After living with abuse for five years, I started to search for an escape that was "approved" by my husband.

Coming from a rocky household myself, I had to learn early on what it takes to be successful. However, through research, I have recently discovered the importance of nuclear energy and its ability to prevent harmful CO2 emissions currently contributing to global warming.

My immediate goal would be to obtain an internship at Sandia Labs, which could evolve into a full-time position. As I come from a family of engineers, it was only natural for me to enter the field myself. While I am pursuing a degree in both nuclear engineering and applied mathematics, I am also a young, single mother to two children.

In my first semester, after being away from school for almost 7 years, I achieved a 4. This eventually led to my rediscovery of who I was and ultimately allowed me to stand up for myself and my children and say enough was enough! Excitingly, I will be the first Nuclear Engineer! This is a huge, motivating factor for me so I can promise to put forth my absolute best effort in your program by offering my diligence and perseverance in everything I do.

I learned valuable leadership skills and what it meant to have responsibilities bigger than myself. My intention is to move out of state once I finish my undergraduate degree. This is why being considered for this scholarship is so valuable to me.

If I were awarded a scholarship, I would not only be able to continue my education with some relieved stress but also be able to set an example for my children of what it means to define your own success and accomplish anything you desire without others holding you back.

Being enrolled full-time, I am unable to also maintain a full-time job because of little family or financial support. I look forward to being a contributing member of the nuclear engineering society. I fully intend to be among the top graduating students in the year, While I started primarily online, I eventually began to attend classes on campus as well.

After convincing him that allowing me to attend school would relieve some of his financial burden as I could eventually join the graduate workforce, I applied to UNM. After achieving my first management level position only at the age of 17, I continued to work only in management over the next 5 years.MWA Ph 1 02 Page 1 of 2 Minor Works Application Refer to Checklist MWA CK 02 B.

Project Team Check if M/WBE License RU 5HJLVWUDWLRQ Consultant (if any) Contractor Other C. Requested By.

I ordered the center in/out " mwa welded it up this afternoon took it for a spin and was amazed at how unique and perfect it sounds. Not only is it mellow at cold start but when it's up to temp it has a very nice roar when u hit the gas!/5(5). MWA Mission “The MWA program is a quality-of-life program commensurate with generally common accepted values that directly supports JFCNP by providing a variety of community and family support activities and services.

MWA#2. Jamison Hodges [email protected] March 8th, SOE Scholarships MSC 01 1 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM To Whom it May Concern, The day I embraced my Lobo pride was the day I inevitably ended my marriage. Hello, my name is Jamison Lyn Hodges and I am currently enrolled as an.

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Mwa 2
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