Maneuver warfare business plan

Yet, traditional firepower remains as potent as ever, if not more potent. It was this and later defeats that caused a major doctrinal re-evaluation by the Prussians under Carl von Clausewitz of the revealed power of maneuver warfare. Just as we seek to always fight from a position of advantage so too will our enemies.

It may require sustained electromagnetic or cyber fire support, an information warfare campaign, or ground operations against anti-air threats. The retreat of the center of the Athenian and Platean Hoplites at the battle of Marathon against the forces of Datis in BC and the subsequent pincer movement by the Athenian forces on the flanks used a similar tactic.

The bonds of trust between that individual and the Marine Corps are frayed and eventually broken.

Applying the “Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare” to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan

Information warfare and propaganda efforts will be reinforced by military activities and violent action … 4 This level of integration of information warfare with other military means is something the Marine Corps has yet to achieve.

The Finnish army defeated Soviet opponents more than twice their size and far outgunning them by using rapid maneuver to advantage. Every major combatant attempted to integrate the new weapons but few successfully sustained those efforts after the war.

The intent was to draw the Persian core forces, Persians and Saka axemen, forward while the Hoplite flanks drove off their opposite numbers and maneuver warfare business plan enveloped the Persian center. In contrast to other Services, our maneuver warfare business plan primes us to not seek salvation in the form of wonder weapons or technological marvels.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have gone through major modernization efforts since the collapse of the Soviet Union, but those efforts have accelerated under President Vladimir Putin, especially after the invasion of Georgia.

These systems can now be purchased off-the-shelf, and while they are not survivable in contested airspace, their expendability means that they will be used nearly everywhere for the foreseeable future. The report states that: Physical deployments of course matter, but maneuver warfare stresses not just the aspect of our physical tactics but the mental effects that those tactics cause.

Both surface-delivered and aerial-delivered fires affect the enemy and facilitate maneuver, but emergent capabilities can also contribute in a fires-like manner. There are frequent calls to get back to the peer-on-peer methods of the s. But a decentralized method of C2 sacrifices unity for speed of action and reaction.

If anything, global trends toward agile, combined arms units and decentralized C2 means that maneuver warfare is more relevant than it was two decades ago.

How can the Marine Corps more quickly cycle through collection, analysis, and dissemination to drive the kind of rapid, dynamic operations required?

If we cease to refine, expand, and improve our profession, we risk becoming outdated, stagnant, and defeated. Battlefield success throughout history is not necessarily achieved by military organizations that invented new technology but rather by those that best integrated them into a cohesive whole.

Maneuver warfare

His use of fast mass marches to gain strategic advantage, cavalry probes and screens to hide his movements and deliberate movement to gain psychological advantage by isolating forces from each other and their headquarters are all hallmarks of maneuver warfare.

Some commonalites exist between blitzkrieg and the Soviet concept of " Deep Battle ", which the Soviets used to great effect in and continued to use as a doctrine through the Cold War. They are built around three battalions of motorized infantry, much like our MEB, but include much more firepower: An example where such shortcomings have been exposed is during the Lebanon War.

In prehistoric times, that began to change with the domestication of the horsethe invention of chariots and the increasing military use of cavalry.

Every time a Marine does this and sees a breach between what the institution preaches and what it practices, the institution as a whole loses credibility. The AirLand doctrine was seen by Martin van Creveld as "arguably a half way house between maneuver and attrition.

Others remain correct, but it is the institution that needs to better absorb the lessons. Limitations of maneuver in a modern context[ edit ] A key requirement for success in maneuver warfare is accurate, up-to-date intelligence on the disposition of key enemy command, support and combat units.

Are You Enjoying this Article? But no matter how cohesive a unit is on the moral level, enough trepidation, defeat, attrition, frustration, and fear can overcome that cohesion. The issue can be resolved using the game of chess as a model: It had the effect of turning attrition into a dirty word.

Although every nation changed their doctrine, few managed to bring all the new capabilities together. In the aftermath, tactics continued to stagnate as the war was viewed as an aberration. There is little to say about the relevance of this concept as the U. Combined arms depends on the availability and use of multiple, complementary weapons systems and effects applied in a coordinated manner.

The truncated chain of command fosters rapid C2 as there is just one headquarters level between brigade commanders and the Russian General Staff.

In recent years, China has stepped up its efforts to bolster and enforce its claim over the South China Sea, bringing it into conflict with many of its neighbors such as Vietnam and the Philippines. The Marine Corps uses maneuver to attack the enemy from a position of advantage. The introduction of the tankin a series of increasingly successful operations, pointed the way out of the deadlock of attrition warfare and trench warfarebut the war ended before the British plans to field thousands maneuver warfare business plan tanks could be put into a large-scale offensive.

The term "tactical maneuver" is used by maneuver warfare theorists to refer to movement by forces to gain "advantageous position relative to the enemy" [1] as opposed to its use in the phrase "maneuver warfare".

This enhances everything from morale to courage and teamwork.Applying the Principles of Maneuver Warfare.

to. The Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan. The inspiration for this presentation came while attending the Information Security Media Group conference on healthcare infor\൭ation security last November. Speed and intent is crucial to business success.

Our contributor, Wannapreneur will translate the lessons of maneuver warfare from military and apply it to the business enterprise. Managed to read a portion of a Speech by Col.

John Allen today. Although warfare often seems a facile metaphor for business, the authors argue that the principles of maneuver warfare are relevant to business strategy because they have been developed to address conditions that mirror those facing today's executives. Jun 13,  · This is the first time I read about the term "Maneuver Warfare" and thought it was a good thesis on how speed and intent is crucial to business success.

" Maneuver warfare, as in business, as in battle, war. Applying the “Doctrine of Maneuver Warfare” to the Execution of a Cybersecurity Action Plan It’s time for a warfare approach to cybersecurity Our healthcare system is under attack by malicious interlopers who wish to inflict.

Since maneuver warfare remains a sound approach to both war and warfare, the deficit between the status quo and strategic fitness is the Marine Corps’ collective ability to embrace its ideals in peacetime and in war.

We must abide by and execute maneuver warfare as the character of warfare changes.

Maneuver warfare business plan
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