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Charley is of a military persuasion and eventually goes on to a successful career at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. Good-natured despite his rough appearance, Otto decides to seek his fortune in the West after the Burdens move lena lingard essay writer Black Hawk.

Like Pavel, Peter was forced into exile from his native Russia following a wolf attack on a wedding party. His premature death from pneumonia has a strong effect on Jim.

Shimerda is a brusque, bossy, and often curt woman. Cleric eventually moves on to a teaching position at Harvard University and brings Jim along with him. Read an in-depth analysis of Lena Lingard. After the suicide of her husband, she is forced to make do with the little that she has in an attempt to provide for her family.

He had been ostracized and forced to leave his native Russia after a frightful incident involving a wolf attack on a wedding party. Read an in-depth analysis of Jim Burden. At the time Jim writes the narrative, she is raising her large family on the Nebraska prairie, not far from where she and Jim grew up.

Peter eventually finds himself severely in debt and sells off his belongings, leaving America for a job as a cook in a Russian labor camp. Men are always attracted to her, but she refuses to marry and give up her freedom. Jim is an intelligent, introspective young man who responds strongly to the land and the environment in which he lives.

After working with Mrs. Josiah is a strongly religious man, silent and given to hard work. A melancholy man given to artistic and scholarly pursuits, Mr. His depression eventually leads to suicide, leaving his family members to pick up the pieces and struggle to make a living on their own.

Shimerda feels very much out of place in foreign land. Shimerda and her daughters dote on Ambrosch, claiming that he is brilliant and the reason they came to America.

Lena is pretty and blonde, and craves independence and excitement. Emmaline shows great concern and compassion for the Shimerdas and is a loving maternal figure for Jim. A businessman of keen ability, Mr. Jake has a powerful temper but generally displays a good-natured and even childlike innocence about the world.Lena Lingard - A Norwegian immigrant’s daughter and a friend of Ántonia’s.

Lena has a brief liaison with Jim in Black Hawk and a more extended relationship with him in Lincoln, where she sets up her own dressmaker’s shop.

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ernest hemingway essay thesis. Furthermore, Lena Lingard, the blond Norwegian, who becomes a successful dressmaker is a foil to Antonia.

Lena is creative, successful and generous too, yet she does not desire to marry and raise children as Antonia does, since she wants her freedom and a successful, self-sufficient life.

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