How to write a research review of literature

Plan to discuss how individual studies relate to and advance theory Plan to summarize periodically and, again near the end of the review Plan to present conclusions and implications Plan to suggest specific directions for future research near the end of the review Flesh out your outline with details from your analysis Step 7: Go back over your paper now and read it carefully; read it aloud.

Authors of small-scale studies who do not understand this point will interpret a statistically non-significant effect incorrectly as evidence for no effect. How big is a moderate effect anyway? Identify major trends or patterns: Be sure to cite the works that you refer to. Your analysis can make generalizations across a majority of studies, but should also note inconsistencies across studies and over time.

How to... write a literature review

Stages in conducting a literature review: Identify gaps in the literature, and reflect on why these might exist based on the understandings that you have gained by reading literature in this field of study. All of the writing and editing support that they provide is completely unique and is provided with a plagiarism report as well as being proofread to perfection.

These statistics are the same ones referred to in the previous subsection: The Writing Center [ http: Through this process of winnowing, you will be able to place the relevance of your research in the larger context of what others researchers have already done on your topic in the past See Reference 1.

Statisticians have come up with rules of thumb for deciding whether the magnitude of the effect is to be considered trivial, small, moderate, or large. Analyse, interpret and discuss the findings and conclusions of the sources you selected. Balanced Review of the Primary Research Literature: Describes the relationship of each source to the others that you have selected Identifies new ways to interpret, and shed light on any gaps in, previous research Points the way forward for further research.

Examples of a published literature review Literature reviews are often published as scholarly articles, books, and reports.

The Importance of Literature Review in Research Writing

The University of Southern California: Once the data are collected, you must analyze and interpret the results. Keep careful notes on procedures used during the experiment.

A common format for writing a literature review: The weakest findings are those from case studies. Book title in italics. A review may be an end in itself or a preface to and rationale for engaging in primary research. Consider how you reassemble your notes: See my statistics pages for explanations of these concepts Hopkins, b.

We provide you with a full satisfaction money back guarantee on all services and will always deliver on time and at a price you can easily afford. Once your hypothesis has been refined for testing, you will draft the Introduction to your paper. The literature review format can vary by disciplineaccording to the purpose for the review, or with different venues for publication.

An effect is simply an observed relationship between variables in a sample of subjects. A bug rancher, he also keeps honeybees Google Dr. Steps in the literature review process Preparation of a literature review may be divided into four steps: Something that enhances performance in young or untrained individuals may not work so well in highly trained athletes, who may have less headroom for improvement.

You can also enter references manually into RefWorks if you need to. Purpose of the literature review The purpose of the literature review is to provide a critical written account of the current state of research on a selected topic: Of course, you have not plagiarized anything from that publication; however, if and when you publish your work, people will be suspicious of your authenticity.

Roughly speaking, statistically significant effects are unlikely to be zero, but such a rough interpretation is misleading: Use your dictionary to correct spelling and your spell checker to catch typos."How to" Guideline series is coordinated by Helen Mongan-Rallis of the Education Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth.

How to Write a Literature Review. A literature review is a specific type of research paper that focuses on published literature on a given topic. Doing a careful and thorough literature review is essential when you write about research at any level.

It is basic homework that is assumed to have been done vigilantly, and a given fact in all research.

How to Write a Literature Review

Choosing your research topic is an important step in writing a literature review. First, choose a strong topic and one you're interested in. You don't want a topic that is too narrow or one that has little or no research about it. HOW TO WRITE A LITERATURE REVIEW. Will G Hopkins PhD. Department of Physiology and School of Physical Education, University of Otago, DunedinNew Zealand.

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Guidelines for writing a literature review

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How to write a research review of literature
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