Ednas hate for the chinese culture

Grandparents tend to live with their children even after they are married and have their own children, and children are expected to look after their parents once they are married and working. Chinese are perfectly aware that not all of them will Foods are often the high point of festivals, and the first thing many Chinese ask is "Have you eaten?

I lived 4 years in China and speak fluent Mandarin, the more I understood them, the more I went from accepting their "culture" to hating them with fervor.

They are very very VERY rude. Finally, they think that Taiwan is part of their territory, even though most of the advanced country acknowledge that Taiwan is an independent country.

It was established in by Chairman Mao, the president of the communist party. This list is no true at most. She always messes up no matter what They make fake food for money. It makes people upset even embarrassed. In her twisted mind, she is above everyone else.

How many times Han people and Han culture was conquered and governed by so-called barbarians, which they refer their surrounding countries?

Northerner claims Cantonese are not Han Chinese

They have no manners whatsoever, they never let people out of the door, instead they will crowd around the exit. Confucianism places a heavy emphasis on the importance of respect for rulers, family, and social harmony.

This is just my take on all of this. A calligraphy class can help you get in the spirit of Chinese culture. It is just disgusting. This country is by far the worst nation in Asia along with Japanese. Dig through the food for the tastier pieces with your chopsticks.

China always try to manipulate the public with these lies but the ignorant people listen to these lies, I would not expect more from a communist country I am half Chinese and Italian, I agree with the most comments you people posted. Yes they are territorial thief!

You can purchase the books on Amazon and learn more about the company here. Still prettier and more civilized than your monkey people, lol, white monkeys - Finalepiohany The government always ask for land so they can expand their country why the government always try to get land from other countries.

All they have to do is to be louder, louder voice equals more reasonable. Laugh out loud, you might not know about the disputing areas. Every country hates China because of their landmarks. China is a gangster, a brigand forever and forever. I hate how Asian parents are always putting their kids down and comparing them to others.

This also explains why many neighborhoods in China have public ping pong tables, as Chinese people love to play sports together outside especially the elderly.

They are arrogant, condescending, and disrespectful to neighborhoods. They sold fake and toxic foods to people, just because fake and toxic are much cheaper, they think money is more important than human life.

Please Remember To Remain Kind and Civil

This once again represents death as uneven boards were once used to make coffins. They always change other buildings lights like the empire state building which is in New York will be invaded by china so watch out for them.

Because I am not racist and of course, every country including everyone is racist, probably even me. What a culturally egocentric beings.

9 Interesting Facts About Chinese Culture

I absolutely will not date an Asian girl, and I automatically get feelings of prejudice whenever I see or meet Asians.Of course, Chinese people's "badness" maybe manifested in different ways (presumably because of the differences in culture and the education system), but I didn't notice much of a difference in terms of the overall quality if the people in general.

China's culture stretches to the corners of the world through the overseas Chinese population and influence, but it can still seem a very different and mysterious culture.

Here are 10 fascinating facts that will help you understand Chinese culture. 1. China is influenced deeply by Confucianism.

I was never aware of any hatred of the Chinese growing up on Prince Edward Island in the s. Much of this has to do with the absence of much that was Chinese. There was a scattering of Chinese individuals present on the Island, Canadian Chinese.

10 Facts to Help You Understand Chinese Culture

Page 1 of 2 - Northerner claims Cantonese are not Han Chinese - posted in Culture Shock!: I am really fed up. This happened in another forum. I keep encountering Northerners who claim that Southern Chinese are not really Han Chinese e.g.

Cantonese. This is so offensive especially when you consider that Northerners are not pure Huaxia. General Facts About Chinese Culture 1 // Although the Han Chinese are the Majority, there are numerous minority races in China.

The Han Chinese make up a whopping 92% of the Chinese population, but there are 55 minority nationalities recognized by the Chinese government (which means there are likely more than just 55).

Do Europeans dislike Chinese people? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 12 Answers. Brian Collins, And whatever ethnics they have usually share similar culture, language, and living habits. While in large countries like China, diversity is vast, it is even more so in US.

I hate the Japanese culture with a passion.

Do Democrats hate Chinese people? Do the Japanese and Chinese hate each.

Ednas hate for the chinese culture
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