Common essay questions for the crucible

He has sentenced people to death based on lies about their dealings in black magic, and he has accepted other false confessions from those who would rather lie than be executed.

Other Salem Residents in The Crucible Aside from the seven central Crucible characters listed above, there are also many other Salem residents who appear in this play. This well-intentioned mistake seals both of their fates. This primacy is helped by the fact that he has relationships with many of the other characters in the play: The petition he presents to Danforth is used as a weapon against the signers rather than a proof of the innocence of Elizabeth, Martha, and Rebecca.

These two institutions fuse together in The Crucible to actively encourage accusers and discourage rational explanations of events. Parris says that he believes Mercy has run away with his niece, Abigail Williams p. My babies always shriveled in her hands! Armed with the false proof of these coerced confessions, the court officials aggressively persecute anyone who is accused.

Always include specific details, including direct quotes, to support your argument about how the theme is expressed in the play.

The Crucible Questions and Answers

Act 3 The depths of the hysteria that has gripped Salem are revealed in Act 3 when John finally confronts the court. Hale is convinced that a scientific inquiry based only on facts and reality can be conducted to detect a supernatural presence.

How does reputation influence who is first accused of witchcraft? This lie essentially condemns both of them.

Mercy Lewis Mercy is a servant to the Putnams and seems to be the particular caretaker of Ruth. Some will be very direct. This new power is exciting and very dangerous because it encourages the girls to make additional accusations in order to preserve their value in the eyes of the court.

This causes problems down the line as Parris allows his paranoia about losing his position to translate into enthusiasm for the witch hunt. Tormented over whether or not to confess to witchcraft to save himself, Proctor ultimately ends up tearing up his signed confession and going to the gallows with what remains of his integrity intact.

A theme is a central topic that is addressed by a work of literature.

The Crucible

There be no higher judge under Heaven than Proctor is! Some of the other names might be useful if your teacher asks you to list off people accused of witchcraft over the course of the play, or to list people who accused others of witchcraft.

Irony First off, what is irony? Goody Nurse Rebecca is married to Francis Nurse. Discussion Questions Here are a few questions related to this theme that you can use to test your grasp of irony and its significance as a theme in The Crucible: For more discussion of the function of Rebecca Nurse in the play, make sure to read our complete analysis of Rebecca Nurse in The Crucible The Crucible.

Where before she was just an orphaned teenager, now, in the midst of the trials, she becomes the main witness to the inner workings of a Satanic plot. Act 2 By Act 2, there are nearly 40 people in jail accused of witchcraft.

The importance placed on reputation helps perpetuate hysteria because it leads to inaction, inflexibility, and, in many cases, active sabotage of the reputations of others for selfish purposes.

She is friendly with everyone in Salem except for Ann Putnam, whose concerns over her daughter Ruth Rebecca kind of brushes off in Act 1.

Cheever comes to arrest Elizabeth Proctor on orders from the court; he is convinced of her guilt when he finds a poppet with a needle stuck in it p. We learn via Elizabeth Proctor that Giles was pressed to death with stones on his chest since he refused to answer the accusations against him one way or another so his property would stay in his family.The Crucible Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The Crucible.

Common Discussion Topics for The Crucible Characters. Now you know all about the characters in The what might you be asked about them? Here are some common essay questions/discussion topics about characters in The ultimedescente.comce answering them for yourself to gain a deeper understanding of the play (even if your teachers don't end up asking you these specific questions).

This lesson includes essay topics from Arthur Miller's The Crucible. These prompts are arranged by topic and will help teachers design assignments.

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The Crucible is a play by Arthur Miller. The Crucible study guide contains a biography of Arthur Miller, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Not sure of the important themes in The Crucible or how to write about them?

Check out our full thematic analysis of the play and paper-writing tips. Why is hypocrisy so common in repressive communities like Salem? Essay questions that ask about themes in this straightforward way can be tricky because there's a temptation to speak in.

Common essay questions for the crucible
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