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Uncertain, but willing to believe that she is living out the stories told to her in childhood by her grandfather, she becomes the beloved Yellow Woman and temporarily escapes her dull life as a housewife to lead a sensuous existence in the mountains. The forms of her poetry and fictions parallel, to a great extent, the oral traditions of her Indian ancestors.

Thought-Woman is the creator who names things; whatever she thinks about appears. Although parts of the novel are set during Prohibition, alcohol is always readily available in bars along the reservation line.

Then some of them lifted the lids on their big cooking pots, calling the rest of them over to take a look. Silko is trying to capture, in writing, the power and rhythms of oral tradition, a task that fulfills at least two functions. Emo has always disrespected Tayo because of his mixed heritage, however towards the end of the novel Emo acts boldly by telling the community that Tayo has gone crazy.

No Jap bastard was fit to take prisoner. As Tayo explains, alcohol dulls some of the pain and anger the veterans feel. First, it makes accessible to people outside Indian culture the rich myths and beliefs that were fostered by the North American landscape.

The culture-bearing function of women is further apparent in the stories that Silko has heard from her own relatives. The spring is a source of the water that is so essential to the drought-wracked Laguna land.

She received much of her practical and moral instruction through the tales told by her grandmother and aunts. Without any effective cure, either from the white doctors or from the old ceremonies, for the anguish created by the meeting of white and Native American cultures, especially in warfare, many of the Native American men self-medicate with alcohol.

However, the respect and lifestyle were abruptly taken from the men upon the return of their uniforms. Her primary artistic concern is to celebrate the power of storytelling and ceremony in human life. Later in the fable, a witch shares a horrifying story that introduces white people to the other witches.

Such connectedness may be the only hope for a productive future; undivided by racism, less alienated from the natural world, the human community has a greater chance of survival, both physically and psychologically. Josiah first shows Tayo the spring which even during the most severe of droughts continues to produce water.

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For men, it is an agent of internalized racism and of deadly apathy, and it is an enabler of violence that inevitably turns on themselves. Racism is also seen as a major contributor to the self-destructive behavior of other Indian veterans.

More ancient knowledge can be recovered and sustained through storytelling. Harley, Leroy, and Pinkie represent the week Native American war veteran alcoholics who are easily manipulated. As a teenager, Tayo remembers the stories Josiah has told him about rain ceremonies, and he goes to the spring to create his own.

In this way, the spring symbolizes that nature always provides the means to survive through a drought. Seen only as an American when he is in uniform, Tayo is treated well by white women and store owners, who are eager to help the boys at the front.

Laguna names appear primarily in the poem sections. His observation, that many Laguna shorten or abandon their Laguna names in favor of names that are more easily assimilable to English, offers a way to analyze the disparity between the use of Laguna names in the poem and prose sections.

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Her love and respect for the earth are evident in her many lyrical descriptions of the New Mexico landscape. Second, it preserves those myths for future generations at a Ceremony analysis essay when the integrity of Native American culture is threatened by assimilation into mainstream American society.

However, alcohol is not a viable solution to the problem. Silko acknowledges that such recognition is not easy—it requires ceremonial, ritualistic healing, as if all suffer from a psychological illness.

Alcohol repeatedly is presented to Tayo as a distraction from his ceremony. Leroy, Harley, and Pinkie into searching for Tayo.

Working with three languages further suggests the strengths of assimilation; each culture can enhance and enrich the others.

His precarious mental condition is further jeopardized when his cousin Rocky, who has worked hard to assimilate himself into the mainstream culture, is killed in the war.Graduation Ceremony Essay Graduation is the action of receiving or conferring an academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated, where students become graduates.

The graduation ceremony is a cultural tradition that is considered a. From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Ceremony Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

Analysis of Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko - People often feel that their opinions do not matter, that they cannot make a difference. This is untrue, one person does have the ability to change an outcome, halt or finalize a decision, and even build or.

How to Write Literary Analysis; Suggested Essay Topics; How to Cite This SparkNote; Table of Contents; Study Questions. 1. Discuss Silko's use of Laguna words in the text.

Laguna names appear primarily in the poem sections. They are used for people and places, as well as for a few chants. Discuss the use of the spring as a symbol in Ceremony. Plenty of critics have pointed out that Ceremony seems to follow the structure of a quest story.

In fact, a few have described Tayo's journey as a "grail quest," referring to the legendary tales Three-Act Plot Analysis.

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Ceremony analysis essay
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