An analysis of cathedral a short story by raymond carver

Now, I know that this is pure speculation, but it seams to me that no one can be as relaxed and at easy around someone with a disability as she was the first time they encounter someone with one.

The encounter is triggered by a program on television about Christianity in the Middle Ages—which the narrator watches because there is nothing else on. For the first time he is seeing, rather than looking. The story is about his ultimate ability to identify with the blind man, about the two men blending together into one entity.

Showing that its not something he particularly cares about, but rather something indicative of the times. Her husband is more like what we might expect. The narrator shows that he is fully capable of looking.

Drinking several glasses of strait whiskey in both the hour before and after dinner would get most people severely drunk. It cant be overly complex so as to lose the reader who has a set amount of time number of pages to come to terms with what is going on.

My one comment on the writing style was that the backstory takes up too much of the beginning of the story and is rather dull. The blind man then asks the narrator to find some paper and a pen so that they can draw a cathedral together.

Cathedral Summary

The erra in which the story takes place is interesting to me as well. But, the way she is talked about is as a back story device, much like a piece of scenery. If I were reading this for fun, and not an assignment, I probably would have put it down after a paragraph or two.

He also seems to be a severe alcoholic. As if saying his name more will prove to him that she still understands him. He looks at his house and wife, and he looks at Robert when he arrives.

He makes a valiant attempt at being understanding but only stumbles and feels more and more awkward. Some critics suggesting that it represents a communion between Robert and the narrator.

The turning point in the story appears to be when the narrator and Robert are looking at some Cathedrals on the TV. It cant bee so short as to not have time to sufficiently develop the characters. Carver, you just met the criteria of a completely unaccredited college student. According to the narrator, his wife writes a couple of poems every year to mark events that were important in her life, including the time Robert touched her face.

The narrator has obviously reached some sort of traditional epiphany at the end. Carver never explains what it is the narrator sees, but there is the sense that he has found a connection and is no longer detached or isolated.

We embrace it, whether or not we know anything about it, until we are attached to it through feel. Even though his narrative is choppy and rough and he frequently interrupts himself to make a defensive comment or snide remark, he gets the story out, passing along some of his insight to us.An Analysis of Cathedral Cathedral, written by Raymond Carver, is a short story that explores the narrator’s insecurities and fears of what he does not understand and through the progression of the story is enlightened by the man he fears.

Now fore some literary analysis on the literary style of this story. I really like reading short stories, although I hate writing them. I do however have very definite ideas as to what an acceptable length for a short story is.

1. It cant bee so short as to not have time to sufficiently develop the characters. 2. You've picked a good topic for this particular story, because the narrator in the short story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver does experience quite a change of perspective for his character.


Behbud Muhammedzade Prepared by Niwar A. Obaid January 16, Introduction Raymond Carver is said to be one of the most influential American short-story writer and poet in the second half of 20 th century, a major force in the revival of the short story in the.

In Cathedral by Raymond Carver we have the theme of jealousy, insecurity, isolation, detachment and connection. Taken from his collection of the same name the story is narrated in the first person by an unnamed man and from the beginning of the story the reader realises how detached the narrator is.

A summary of Themes in Raymond Carver's Cathedral. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Cathedral and what it means.

Cathedral by Raymond Carver

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An analysis of cathedral a short story by raymond carver
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