A character analysis of albert camus the stranger

Read an in-depth analysis of Raymond Sintes. Mersault, however, does not love her, for he feels that love is too vague an emotion.

Mersault puts the gun in his pocket. The priest The priest, also unnamed, is a man of faith, conscientious in his duty.

The Stranger Characters

He possesses mostly undesirable traits. After Mersault murders the Arab and is imprisoned, Marie stands by his side.

Eventually, Meursault becomes enraged and angrily asserts that life is meaningless and that all men are condemned to die. It is clear that Marie deeply cares for Mersault and wants to become his wife.

When Meursault goes on trial, the director becomes suddenly judgmental. When the book opens, his mother has just passed away in Marengo. He is obviously a good employee, for he is offered a promotion.

After the chaplain leaves, Mersault realizes he has a new sense of peace and calm. Sure of my present life and of the death that was coming As Mersault waits in his prison cell for the day of his execution, he thinks about his past and his future.

Even the five shots that he fires into his victim seem to represent something that simply happens to him rather than any conscious choice.

When the Arab reaches in his pocket, Mersault reaches for the gun. He visits with Raymond and learns that he plans to beat his girlfriend because she has been unfaithful. Marie quickly falls in love with Mersault. Though physically intimate with his Arab girlfriend, Marie, he regards her desire for marriage as a matter of no consequence.

When the Chaplain tries to pray for him, Mersault screams at him. Salamano owns an old dog that suffers from mange, and he frequently curses at and beats his pet. Unfortunately, her testimony proves to be a disaster, like the testimony of the other defense witnesses, for the Prosecutor twists her words.

He further realizes that everything he says on the witness stand is misinterpreted A character analysis of albert camus the stranger used against him.

Marie Cardona Marie is a young and charming girl who believes in enjoying life. He talks to Mersault about God and an afterlife, but Mersault refuses to listen or accept his beliefs. After he returns from the doctor in bandages, Raymond asks Mersault to go for a walk with him.

When Mersault agrees, he learns that Raymond is carrying a gun and looking for the Arabs. By the end of the trial, he accepts that he will be convicted and will probably face deportation or a short prison term.

He takes Mersault and Marie with him to the beach house of his friend, Masson. Later in the afternoon, in the heat of the day, Mersault goes out to the beach by himself. It is with the same kind of detachment that Mersault becomes involved with Raymond Sintes, his neighbor in the apartment building.

The lawyer The lawyer, unnamed, is a crafty and valiant defense attorney. To him, she is pure sensuality, always described in lightness and brightness. When she sees the Arab men at the bus station, she convinces Mersault and Raymond to immediately board the bus.

He does not grieve over her loss and does not cry at her funeral. By maneuvering Mersault into his affairs, Raymond brings about the downfall of his neighbor.

By visiting him in prison and attending his trial, she exhibits patient hopefulness in behalf of her hopeless companion. Since he does not want to seek his own counsel, he is assigned a court appointed attorney.

She says that she is hopeful he will be freed so that they can be married. Before the book begins, he has been involved with an Arab woman, whom he considers his girlfriend; however, he has beaten her because he found out she was cheating on him. He is emotionally indifferent to others, even to his mother and his lover, Marie.

Mersault is taken into custody and charged with murder. He believes it will allow him to be in harmony with the indifferent universe. Meursault completely lacks faith in God or in the possibility of an afterlife.This realization is the culmination of all the events of the novel.

When Meursault accepts “the gentle indifference of the world,” he finds peace with himself and with the society around him, and his development as a character is complete. (read full character analysis) The Defense Lawyer Meursault 's lawyer who tries to defend Meursault's character, to present his crime as an accident, and to disassociate Meursault's behavior at his mother's funeral from the murder.

The Stranger by Albert Camus Words | 3 Pages. The story of The Stranger by Albert Camus is quite simple. Monsieur Meursault is a simple man, leading a simple, useless life until he makes some new friends and finds himself with someone else’s blood on his hands and his life on the line.

The Stranger study guide contains a biography of Albert Camus, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Three Act Plot Analysis We experience the everyday life of Meursault through his eyes and narration. Basically, Meursault doesn’t really care for his mother (or her death).

In the novel The Stranger Meursault is an existentialist. What seems to be the only thing The only thing to which the main character, Meursault, responds in the text are his physical demands -.

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A character analysis of albert camus the stranger
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